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  Sep 07, 2018

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Managed Cloud - Azure South Central US location multiple services connection problems

Azure reported that starting from 09:26 UTC 04 Sep 2018 multiple services in South Central US region may be inaccessible, more details on

Managed Cloud customers may experience problems while accessing resources in Azure Portal, also all Azure resources like Web Apps, SQL databases, storage etc. and Mongo databases connection may fail by timeout for the South Central US region.

xDB Cloud 1.0 customers may also experience connection problems from multiple locations.

Sitecore team will keep monitoring and updating the status.


Updates Summary

Resolved: Azure reported that all services are now restored.
- Posted on Sep 07, 11:13 UTC


Azure engineers report that most of the services have been restored. All Managed Cloud and xDB Cloud customers shouldn't have any issues, however Azure engineers haven't yet restored Storage services in South Central US.

- Posted on Sep 06, 11:49 UTC

Azure engineering status update: 

Azure Engineers have restored storage availability for the majority of impacted services, and customers should be continuing to see improvements to service availability.

Azure Engineers are continuing to work on any residual storage impact to fully mitigate this issue.

- Posted on Sep 05, 13:00 UTC

Azure engineering status: Azure Engineers are prioritizing the restoration of Storage resources in order to recover all services with dependencies on these impacted resources.  As storage mitigation continues to progress, a necessary extended mitigation phase is required. 

- Posted on Sep 05, 11:06 UTC

Update: Azure Support Engineers continue to focus on the restoration of Storage-related resources as a majority of services still impacted are dependent on this service.

The next update will be provided by 11:00 UTC 05 Sep 2018 or as events warrant.
- Posted on Sep 05, 06:37 UTC

In Progress: Sitecore team have identified that xDB Cloud 1.0 customers may also experience connection timeouts. We are working on identifying the full impact.
- Posted on Sep 04, 14:10 UTC

Identified: Azure support has identified the root cause which was in a localized cooling system failure and working on the solution.
- Posted on Sep 04, 13:41 UTC