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  Aug 12, 2020

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Sitecore Azure Marketplace - Core Services Update

Sitecore Cloud Operations team is preparing a planned deployment on the Azure Marketplace infrastructure with the artifacts for  Commerce and Storefront modules for Sitecore 10.0 Initial Release on 12-Aug-2020 , 02:00 UTC.

Affected Sitecore Cloud Service:   Sitecore Azure Marketplace.

Expected impact on customers:   No impact to the existing Sitecore Customer's Cloud resources.

Release Highlights:

  • This involves deployment of below modules for

• Commerce 10.0 Initial Release for Sitecore 10.0 Initial Release

          • Storefront 10.0 Initial Release for Sitecore 10.0 Initial Release


Additional notice: 

Please note that Commerce and Storefront will be visible in Azure Marketplace after 14/08/2020 06:00:00 PM (UTC-06:00)



Updates Summary

Completed: The planned deployment is completed successfully . 
- Posted on Aug 12, 05:40 UTC

In-Progress: Sitecore will start the planned deployment shortly. Next updates will be provided soon.
- Posted on Aug 12, 01:54 UTC


August 12, 2020 , 02:00 UTC 


- Posted on Aug 11, 00:00 UTC