Sitecore Cloud - Status Page Last updated at Oct 21, 13:53 UTC
Status Service Name Comments
Sitecore Azure Marketplace Service is operating normally
Managed Cloud - Core Service is operating normally
Managed Cloud - Customer Service is operating normally
xDB Cloud 1.0 - 2.0 - Core Service is operating normally
xDB Cloud 1.0 - 2.0 - Customers Service is operating normally
Email Cloud for EXM 3.4+ Service is operating normally
Email Delivery for EXM 1.0-3.3 (Dyn) Service is operating normally
Spam Check Service is operating normally
Email Preview Service is operating normally
Device Detection Service is operating normally
IP Geolocation Service is operating normally.
App Center UI Service is operating normally
Past Maintenances

  Oct 15, 2017

xDB Cloud and Managed Cloud - Mongo SSL certificates update

Finished: All the remaining clusters now updated. Maintenance is finished successfully.
- Posted on Oct 15, 21:34 UTC

Continued: First batch of clusters has been upgraded, no issues occurred. However, overall duration of maintenance increased to next day. Upgrade of remaining clusters will be started soon today. The whole maintenance should be finished by the end of today.
- Posted on Oct 15, 15:12 UTC

Started: Maintenance has been started
- Posted on Oct 14, 20:30 UTC

Scheduled: On a subset of customers using xDB Cloud 1.0 - 2.0 and Managed Cloud (xP or xDB topologies), MongoDB clusters maintenance will be performed to update SSL certificates. The update will be seamless, but may require a failover, which may lead to couple of seconds of MongoDB unavailability. Sitecore Platform will gracefully handle such small unavailability, so no impact expected.
- Posted on Oct 14, 08:42 UTC

  Oct 15, 2017

Sitecore App Center - Unavailability due to dependent service error

Resolved: The issue has been resolved at 11:00 AM UTC. All systems returned online.
- Posted on Oct 14, 13:02 UTC

Impact Clarified: Confirmed impact as of now: inability to log into App Center UI, inability to view Email Cloud subscription statistics in EXM dashboard. Dispatching messages via Email Cloud service is not affected and working fine.
- Posted on Oct 14, 08:34 UTC

Identifying: After 13-Oct-2017 8:00 PM UTC, Cloud Operations team found an issue with one of the underlying service behind Sitecore App Center. Sitecore App Center functionality is partially unavailable. Work on impact and workaround determination has been started.
- Posted on Oct 13, 22:10 UTC

  Oct 12, 2017

Sitecore Azure Marketplace API & SPA Update

Completed: Sitecore Azure Marketplace infrastructure has been upgraded successfully.
- Posted on Oct 12, 12:51 UTC

Planned: Sitecore Cloud Operations team is preparing a planned update on Azure Marketplace infrastructure. The update provides a few new features to support further Sitecore releases. Also, UI has been improved with better retention of values in configuration pages. Upgrade will be started soon. Expected impact: No impact expected, but Sitecore Settings page may be unavailable in Azure Marketplace for a short period during production switch
- Posted on Oct 12, 11:00 UTC

  Oct 14, 2017

Sitecore App Center - Update 0.278

Finished: Upgrade has been finished
- Posted on Oct 14, 05:30 UTC

OnGoing: During upgrade, Sitecore App Center and Sitecore Email Cloud services were unavailable for short period of time ( 10 - 15 mins) on 13 Oct 2017 in the 1st half of the day ( UTC). The issue has been addressed to prevent further failures on that matter.
- Posted on Oct 13, 10:00 UTC

Starting: Upgrade has been started. No impact on any customers expected.
- Posted on Oct 13, 05:03 UTC

Scheduled: Update to Sitecore App Center service is scheduled,¬†Release 0.278 will be rolled out in nearest upgrade window. The changes are intended to address a few login related issues and introduce new functionality for further Sitecore releases.
- Posted on Oct 10, 10:00 UTC

  Oct 10, 2017

Outage for Email Cloud EXM 3.4 +

Issue Resolved: In collaboration with Microsoft Azure Support, vendor of connector service, the root cause of issue was identified and resolved.
- Posted on Oct 10, 13:03 UTC

Workaround in progress: Connector app redeployment is now in progress by Sitecore Cloud Operations
- Posted on Oct 10, 05:10 UTC

Cause confirmed: In collaboration with Microsoft Azure Support, vendor of connector service, the root cause of issue was identified in the infrastructure. The workaround being suggested as full app redeployment.
- Posted on Oct 10, 03:05 UTC

Issue Identified: Starting ~ 13:00 UTC today, we have identified an issue with our cloud service behind Email Cloud solution for EXM 3.4+.¬†Our team is actively working on identifying potential workaround. Impact on customers: Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) does not work with Email Cloud.
- Posted on Oct 09, 16:02 UTC