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  May 26, 2020

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Managed Cloud 8.2 and xDB Cloud to Terminate in June 2020 – Upgrade Now!

Estimated time frame: Feb 07, 14:29 - Jun 30, 00:00 UTC

In order to continue using the service all xDB Cloud customers and Managed Cloud customers who runs xP/xDB on Sitecore 8.2.x must request the migration of Mongo cluster to MongoDB Atlas by raising a Service Request on Sitecore Support Portal. 

On 30 June 2020 mLab service will be shut down and migration will no longer be possible. After 30 June 2020 all non-migrated Mongo clusters will go offline which will result in xP/xDB functionality outage.

Reason behind: mLab is now part of MongoDB, Inc., the company behind the database that powers Managed Cloud and xDB Cloud services. For background please see the announcement. As part of merging the two organizations they will be sun-setting mLab's service and working with users to migrate to MongoDB Atlas.

For more details please contact you account manager or local sales representatives.


Updates Summary

Update: Migration of Mongo cluster requires Sitecore xP to be running on version 8.2 Update 7. Please consider time required for version upgrade when planning the migration.


- Posted on Feb 07, 14:54 UTC